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Registration for 2018-2019 Season

*UPDATE: LATE Registration is open and late fees may apply

Registration for the 2018-2019 season will be available on this page on August 1, 2018 and close on September 4, 2018 at midnight*. 

In order to apply for a refund, the applicant must have/create a Sportengine account. The applicant can use the following link to take them to the refund application page.

Please refer to this seasons fee here.

Before you register...


If you have played hockey in another area and you are new to St Vital, you will need to fill out the appropriate forms below (New to Manitoba or New to St Vital). Other documentation that may also be required is a copy of the child’s birth certificate, proof of address, & sports custody agreements (for children whose parents are separated or divorced.)

Once completed, please submit the form(s) to our  egistrar at

Before you begin the registration process, please make sure you have completed the "Parent Respect In Sport Parent Program". If you have taken this already, you do not need to take it again, but only the parent who has taken the Respect in Sport can register a child. There is a $25 charge.

A Credit card will be the only form of payment accepted. Make sure you have a  Visa/Mastercard with you to complete the registration. If you do not currently have a  credit card, banks will issue pre-paid credit cards that can be used for this purpose.

If you are applying for a subsidy then you will need to contact your home community club to fill out the appropriate paper work.'

Registration fees include a administrative fee. A late fee will be incurred once registration closes. Once teams are formed, there may be additional fees based on the activities of that individual team, e.g. tournaments, extra practice ice time. If you have any questions regarding registration please contact our registrar at