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Health and Safety (Covid 19 responce)

Sept 25, 2020



  • Coaches/Instructors/participants must use either their TEAMSNAP health screening tool or the self-screening tool before coming to the facility.
  • Coaches/Instructors/participants must stay home when ill and users are not allowed entry if they are ill with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Coaches/Instructors/Participants must be given information on social distancing protocols, hand washing, etc.
  • Coaches/Instructors will be expected to advise their participants that daily self-screening is required before attending the facility and they are prohibited from attending the camp/session if they have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Use of Masks are MANDATORY for Players, Coaches, Parents, and customers of our Tenants always when inside our facility.  Coaches and Players are to wear masks until they are in the area of play.   When on the bench Coaches must wear masks.

Dressing rooms:

  •  A temporary dressing room has been established in the main lobby.  Users of this dressing room will enter the arena through the front doors and exit through a fire exit on the south side of the  arena. Capacity of this room is 22.
  • Other groups will use all four dressing rooms downstairs and enter  through the players’ entrance at the South East Corner and exit by walking up stairs on the south side through a fire exit.. Max persons in each individual dressing room is 5. 
  • Participants should arrive and depart the arena dressed and put skates on in dressing rooms when possible
  • Access of Parents/Guardians/Spectators is limited in the facility until further notice for programming 
    • Only participants and one parent or guardian are permitted in the arena, no additional siblings allowed.
    • All must have completed the screening form.
    • For young players under 10 years the parent can enter with the player to assist them in getting ready.
    • All other Parent/Guardians must remain outside correctly socially distancing from each other, until invited in by their Communication officer or the St Vital Staff member. 
      • Spectators will be admitted through the Player’s entrance only….and they are asked to exit the arena through the exit located near the Zamboni.
    • They then must attend to an empty designated spot and remain seated. only one person from each house hold is allowed so there should never be two people sitting in one spot.
    • No standing along the boards is permitted.
    • Just prior to the ice time completion, all will be asked to leave the arena,
  • Washroom facilities are located off main lobby (only one person at a time may use.)
  • The main lobby can only be accessed by entrance near the Dakota Skate Shop and only for the purpose of using the washroom.
  • Water fountains/drink machines are not available at this time so participants should bring their own labeled water bottle(s).
  • Benches can be used but players must maintain 2 meters spacing. Spacing is marked with Orange tape


  • For participants we will be using the two entrances located at the South East corner of the rink, commonly known as the player entrance or the front entrance.
  • Spectators at St Vital will be entering at the South East Entrance and exiting the building at the South West Entrance beside the Zamboni gate.
  • Doors will be locked and opened 15 Minutes prior to Ice time.
  • Participants will not be allowed to enter the facility through their designated entrance until 15 minutes prior to their ice time.  Please wait in your car until your communications officer opens door.
  • Participants and Coaches/Instructors must follow designated pathways and remain seated until the designated ice time and/or departure. Congregating or standing in common areas is not permitted at this time.
  • We ask that all users remove skates/equipment and leave the facility as quickly as possible so that the stand zone and bench area can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized


Skate Shop.

All patrons should use the North East entrance near the skate shop.  A que will be clearly marked on floor for those waiting for skates to be sharpened.


      Will not be open until such time as conditions allow


St Vital Screening Form

  • This form is intended for Spectators/parents and Learn to Skate Participants.  It must be completed prior to attending the arena.
  • Players within SVMHA do not have to complete this form, as their team Communication officer is screening all players and coaches through team snap