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Evaluation Process and Schedule

Evaluation Schedule

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ST. Vital Minor Hockey Association

Player Evaluation, Coach Selection and Team Formation Process  



Hockey Canada Mission Statement

Lead, Develop, and Promote Positive Hockey Experiences.


Hockey Canada Mandate

Hockey Canada believes...

In a positive hockey experience for all participants, in a safe, sportsmanlike environment.

In the development of life skills which will benefit participants throughout their lives.

In the values of fair play and sportsmanship, including the development of respect for all people by all participants.

In hockey opportunities for all people regardless of age, gender, colour, race, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status and in both official languages.

In the importance for participants to develop dignity and self-esteem.

To instill the values of honesty and integrity in participants at all times.

In the promotion of teamwork, and the belief that what groups and society can achieve as a whole is greater than that which can be achieved by individuals.

In the country of Canada, its tradition in the game of hockey, and the proud and successful representation of this tradition around the world.

In the value of hard work, determination, the pursuit of excellence and success in all activities.

In the benefits of personal and physical well-being.


St. Vital Minor Hockey Association (SVMHA)


Player registration

Players must register each year using Hockey Canada online registration.


Hockey Divisions

The following table lists the divisions a player is eligible to register for based on their age as of December 31 of the current year.

House League

Co-ed A Hockey

Female A Hockey

4-5-6 house league

7/8 house league


7/8 - Novice

9 - Minor Atom

10 - Atom

11- Minor Peewee

12 - Peewee

13/14 - Bantam

15 /16/17 - Midget

7/8 - Novice

9/10 - Atom

11/12 - Peewee

13/14 - Bantam

15 /16/17 - Midget



Player Evaluation, Coach Selection and Team Formation Process


The goal of this document is to provide a clear definition of established procedures regarding key aspects of player evaluation, coach selection and team formation, in accordance with Hockey Winnipeg Rules and Regulation. The following processes will be used for all divisions of A hockey, including Co-ed and Female, but will exclude House League hockey.

Hockey Winnipeg Rules and Regulations, Section D:

Hockey Zones, requires that Area Associations must form teams equally according to ability. This forms the basis of the SVMHA player evaluation and team formation process, along with the following guiding principles as set forth by Hockey Canada.

  • To provide a fair and impartial assessment of a player's total hockey skills during the skating and scrimmage session.
  • To ensure that players have a reasonable opportunity to being selected to a team appropriate to their skill levels as determined during on-ice evaluations of the current year.
  • To provide uniformity and consistency in the evaluation process such that a player and parent expectations are consistent from year to year as players move through the various levels of the association's programs.
  • To form teams to maintain balance and competitive play where the athletes can develop and participate equitably and have fun playing during the season.

Player Evaluation

When more than one team is to be formed, it is SVMHA policy to use independent evaluators to complete player evaluations. Where there are only enough registrants for one team, SVMHA will form the team.

The independent evaluators provide on-ice and off-ice personnel who are expected to conduct all activities in a professional manner. On-ice sessions are held at each age group according to predefined practice plans that allow the effective assessment of all players. The independent evaluator utilizes a thorough player assessment strategy to capture data to complete the evaluation of player skills.

Each year SVMHA will review the performance of the independent evaluators and assess whether changes are required to the process or the evaluating team.

Hockey Winnipeg Rules and Regulations require a minimum of two sessions be granted to all players who have registered for A1 evaluations. Each SVMHA registrant will receive two on-ice skill sessions followed by a minimum of two on-ice game sessions to determine the player rankings which will become the basis for team formation.

Players in the Novice to Midget divisions will be assessed on the following:

  • Speed and technique of forward and backward skating
  • Control and vision of forehand and backhand passing technique
  • Ability to maintain puck control in open ice and confined space
  • Shooting technique, accuracy and velocity
  • Game understanding (understands positional play, communicates with teammates, has the ability to read and react and displays a strong hockey sense)

Goaltenders in the Novice to Midget divisions will be assessed on the following:

  • Stance, balance and mechanics
  • Mobility, skating, shuffling and T pushing
  • Positioning, center ice adjustments, square to the puck, post mechanics
  • Saves execution and rebound control
  • Game situations, recovery techniques, body balance, read and react

Goalies are evaluated during the player skates and will also receive an additional skate where only goalies are evaluated.

Please note the above criteria will be applied and assessed as appropriate for each age division. For example: the evaluators do not expect a novice player to be able to roof the puck. Players will receive an accumulated score based on the independent evaluator’s assessment of the above skills. Players will be ranked by score and this will serve as a guide when conducting team formation.

Start Date

The start date for player evaluations is set by Hockey Winnipeg. Once the start date is determined, SVMHA will post a tentative schedule for each division. Registrants are responsible for ensuring their child is available for the posted dates and times. 


Registrants will be contacted by the independent evaluator a minimum of 48 hours prior to their ice time advising when they will be required to attend. Each registrant will be afforded 2 on-ice skill sessions followed by at least 2 games. After each session, players may be reassigned to a different group to facilitate further evaluation of skills. Such reassignments will take place according to the assessments performed by the independent evaluators. Evaluators will provide 48 hours notice on the registrants next ice time. SVMHA will not disclose the evaluation scores. The evaluators may provide registrants with a report card on each individual player. The report cards will not indicate the player's final ranking. 

Female Evaluations

The female program will follow the same evaluation process as indicated as above. In order to avoid players moving from one hockey program, once a female player has stepped onto the ice for either male or female evaluation skates, she is considered part of the program for the entire season.

Injured Players

Players that are injured before, or during the evaluation process, will be looked at on a case-by-case basis to determine what team the player will be placed on for the upcoming season.

Coach Selection

Hockey Manitoba

All coaches are required to obtain the necessary certifications for the division in which they intend to coach. Any coach not meeting the required certifications by the eligibility date set forth by Hockey Manitoba will not be allowed to coach. For complete details, please refer to the Hockey Manitoba Website.


Coaches are required to complete the coach application form on the SVMHA website. Once all coach applications are received, the applications will be reviewed and a determination on their coaching status will be made using the following:

  • SVMHA past parent and player review surveys
  • SVMHA Suspension Lists
  • Hockey Winnipeg Suspension Lists
  • Hockey Manitoba Suspension Lists
  • Hockey Canada Suspension Lists

The candidates who have submitted applications to coach are encouraged to attend the evaluations (refer to Player Evaluation section).

Team Formation

Hockey Winnipeg

Hockey Winnipeg Rules and Regulations, Section D: Hockey Zones dictates the number of:

  • Teams per age group
  • Teams per skill level
  • Registrants per team


These calculations are made by the Area Association and are dependent on the number of registrants per age group. These calculations will be made before the start of evaluations and will dictate the number of evaluations required per age group, which will finalize the evaluation schedule.


Upon the completion of the division’s evaluations, SVMHA will select the head coach for each team.

A team formation meeting will be called by the Vice President of the entry level. Present at the meeting will be:

  • Vice President of entry level
  • SVMHA convenor for the age group
  • Team coaches  

Independent team formation meetings will be called for each age group.

Team Formation Meeting

The purpose of the meeting is to provide coaches an opportunity to draft their teams from the list of players evaluated by the independent evaluators. Prior to the calling of the meeting, the independent evaluator will provide the rankings of all registrants from that age group. The registrants will be grouped according to their ranking. Each grouping will have an additional 5 players over the targeted rostered amount. This does not include goalies. Example: If a team's target roster is 15 the top 20 registrants will be placed in the draft. Two (2) teams of 15 would have 40 registrants in the draft. 

A team draft will be conducted and overseen by the SVMHA representatives present.

In the scenario where nobody has put their name forward to coach, the SVMHA Convenor, for the age group will make the selections for the team. The convenor’s selections will be made according to ranking alone