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Chill 3 on 3

For girls born 2015 and 2016   To register


Pool D

1st place Royals Purple   

2nd Place Royal Black     

3rd Place  Raiders Black  

4th Place Seals Black


Game 7     Royals Purple vs Royals Black

Game 8      Raiders Black vs Seals Black


Pool and Game information for U9 Boy and U9 A2 Female Jamboree

St Vital is excited to host the U9 Boy and U9 A2 Female Jamborees

U9 Boy Pools

Pool A 1 SV Lazers
  2 WH-White
  3 WH-Blue
  4 Fishermen
  5 WH-Red
Pool B 1 FT Garry
  2 SV Bruins
  3 Cancuks-KW
  4 Seals White
  5 SW Kings
Pool C 1 Canucks-AW
  2 Royals White
  3 Raiders Maroon
  4 Seals Red
  5 Regents
Pool D 1 Raiders Black
  2 Royals Black
  3 Seals Black

Royals Purple


U9 A2 Female Pools


Pool A 1 Storm Orange
  2 Storm Black
  3 Stars Purple
  4 PB Blue
  5 PB Red
Pool B 1 Stars White
  2 Rockets White
  3 SV Chill
  4 Eagles
  5 Rockets Navy

Ice Calendar for St Vital Arena

The calendar for the St Vital Arena can be located at this location. 

Click HERE

If you wish to book any open ice please email Scott Wiley at

Check out the open ice

There remains some open ice from our practice draft.  Check out the spread sheet to the right.

Pool Schedules

SVMHA Gets Social!

Facebook / Twitter Logos

St Vital Minor Hockey Association now has a more powerful way for you to stay connected with us via our newly launched Facebook and Twitter pages.

We’ve created these new social media pages to better serve our community. So please join us at our new page and invite your friends to join ->


St. Vital Minor Hockey  Association

St. Vital Minor Hockey Association

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